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Trusted Online Shop For Custom Made & Tailored Shirts & Accessories For Men in Rockville, MD & Surrounding Areas

Tired of wearing the same old blue blazer, khakis pants and accessories? Having a hard time finding men shirts that fit properly off the rack? Going bespoke but having problems with sizing and selection? Looking for online shop that offers high quality and custom made shirts or tailored men suits that fit perfectly and accentuate your best features? You have come to the right place!

Della Luce is your one stop online shop in Rockville, MD that offers custom made and tailored shirts, suits and accessories for fashionable man like you. Our team of professional tailors will create a superb bespoke tailoring fit just for you.

Our wide range of custom made/tailored men’s clothes and accessories online include but not limited to custom tailored shirts, Italian fabric custom made suits, blazers, ties, buttons, men’s bracelets and other accessories. All our custom made shirts, suits and accessories in Rockville, MD are made in a range of designs and colors to suit every taste and occasion.

Trusted Online Shop For Custom Made/Tailored Men Shirts & Accessories in Rockville, MD

At Della Luce, we understand how difficult for men to find the perfect clothes and accessories. It’s even tough to shop for men’s suits and accessories by visiting various malls and shops in Rockville, MD and surrounding areas. That is why we combine exceptional quality and service with online shop convenience by offering high quality tailored and custom made men clothes online in Rockville, MD.

To achieve a perfect fit that is destined to please, we make sure that our team of experts will work with every aspect of your individual body, personal preferences and style. Our online store also offers a huge range of high quality fabrics and designs for your tailored bespoke shirts and suits in Rockville, MD.

Our shop’s commitment to provide high quality online-tailored men shirts, suits and accessories at affordable prices has made Della Luce become one of the most trusted and go to online shops in Rockville, MD and surrounding areas.

About Della Luce

We have launched Della Luce with a whole new approach. We wanted to share Della Luce's Know-how to all others. Members of Della Luce are professionals in shirts and each has more than 25 years of experience in the male fashion industry. We wanted to make a custom brand by applying our knowledge in a new method.

We wanted to be connected with the customer with affection towards shirts and the most reasonable product. We wanted to spread the spirit of "Made in Koea" with the best historical and traditional fabrics and the best factory. Della Luce wants to make clothes that a customer can trust. There is much meaning in Della Luce's trust. It also includes social responsibility. As members have a long time experience in men's wear and accessories. We included every detail we wished to improvise the customer's need into our brand. We are making a brand where customers are the main.

Della Luce means "Of the Light" in Italy. We aim for many meanings of light. Bright, warm, clear, fast, certain, positive, hope, and many other images. We hope you could be connected to Della Luce's every movement and product. We will do our best to make a confident wear that expresses you most.

-Executives and office members of Della Luce.

why Della Luce

Process 100% genuine Italy imported fabrics (Tessitura Monti / SIC Tess Fabrics)

Della Luce chooses the fabrics carefully and has a collection with ourselves, Meet Della Luce's collection bunch books.

Process Control

Organic and in-depth manufacturing process control ability is Della Luce's strength. Choosing the fabric and formal accessory/jewelry and the best sewing factory to match. Being in the men's shirt/suit industry for 30 years, we have trendiness that appeals to the customer. From the fabric to complete clothing for the customer, we will make the optimum clothes for our customers anywhere in Rockville, MD and surrounding areas.

Reasonable Price

Reducing the distribution cost, we can provide the best product to the customer at the best price.

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Let Della Luce become your go to online shop and tailor in Rockville, MD. You'll never look and feel as good with any other shirts than our custom and tailored men’s shirts, suits and accessories online. With our team of highly experienced tailors, proven quality, first-class designs and great selection of high quality fabrics and materials, your design will surely make you stand out.

Feel free to browse through our online shop, send us your measurements and preferences and let us take care of the rest. We are always ready to serve all your tailored shirt, suit and accessory needs in Rockville, MD and surrounding areas.

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